Jan 12, 2006

Childbirth Class

I called the Little Company of Mary - Torrance to register for childbirth class (ie: Lamaze) last week. Unfortunately, all classes are full until mid of Feb (must be a busy baby season), which will be too late for me to start as I will be in the last stage of the third trimester by then (37th week). There are 6 one and a half hour classes total, with one class per week. The price is $100 per couple. There are other private facilities that offer the class but they are also full. So ... now my alternate choice would be to read up about Lamaze and Bradley Childbirth Method. Will be going to the Redondo Beach Public Library this weekend to get some of books on this subject.

Now, I wonder, if in Malaysia they have these kind of classes offered by any of the hospital or private institute? Anyone has attended one before? I think Lamaze teaching is on the correct breathing method during contraction and the stages during childbirth. I will read them up when I get the books this weekend.

And also, we will be going for a Maternity Tour at the Little Company of Mary - Torrance this Sunday at 12pm. They called it Maternity Tea. Will blog about the tour next week.

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