Jan 6, 2006

Black colored contacts?!

What it is about black colored contacts? Aren't our eyes black enough? My DH has brown eyes. I have black eyes (like panda bear). DH always say that my eyes so black and scary when he look into them and only see his own reflection. It is difficult to differentiate my pupil from the iris. They are really that black.

Anyway ... my cousin JoJo was telling me that she met with another cousin of mine, Nicole, who wore a pair of these contact lenses and it made the iris look bigger worh. She bought them from Bangkok for RM70 per pair. JoJo also sent me an ebay seller selling these contacts for RM198. Click on the ebay link and you will see the before and after picture of the using the BLACK contact lenses.

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catherine said...

Yeah, I saw it on tv show before. Really can make your eyes look bigger. The tv show was saying this is one of the easy method for ppl who are lazy to make up but still can look good at the same time. If lazy ppl put on the contact lens, then no need to make up their eyes already. Hehe...