Jan 27, 2006

34th Week Check Up

I had an ultrasound on Wednesday morning to check the growth of the baby. According to the perinatologist, baby is growing well. The baby is measuring approximately 4lbs and 13 oz. It is funny now that we only get to see certain part of the baby at one time on the monitor since the baby has grown so much. So we either see the head or the abdomen. In the print outs that we were given, the baby head takes almost the whole picture. When I have the time, I will scan them in periodic order and post here.

Dr. Chan is a very nice, and he likes to joke with his patients. Before we left, he said he didn't want to see me anymore, not that he dislikes me but just I don't need to go in for another ultrasound now since everything is moving along great and I am almost towards the end.

On Thursday, I went for my OB/GYN check up. Waited for a while. My appointment was supposed to be at 945am but I didn't get to see the Dr. until 1030am. There were 5 patients before me to be seen first. Anyway, everything is good. My blood pressure was 100/60 and I've gained 3 more pounds since my last visit. The measurement for the fundal height is around 32-33weeks. Dr. Wu said is normal as I am petite and usually measuring smaller. Baby's heartbeat was between 153-157bpm.

I've asked him about episiotomy, and he said if the space is not wide enough for the baby to come out then of course it has to be done. He mentioned that usually it will be between 4-12 stitches to close the cut. Then he said I won't feel much about it as he thought I will be having an epidural. I was like - uuh ... I may NOT opt for an epidural if I can withstand the pain. Then he said, "It will be very painful." Well, I am not saying that I will definitely give up epidural option, but if I need it I will take it.

He wanted me to re-take the 1hr glucose tolerance test (to check for gestational diabetes) which I took in Nov 05 when I was on bedrest in the hospital. But the result was a little high he said and it might be all the IVs and shots (steroids) that I was given then. So he suggested another one to get a better idea of my glucose standing. I was given a bottle of orange drink to be finished all at once and then go to the lab to get blood drawn an hour later. So I stayed around the area for about 50 minutes (went to the groceries store and the Dollar store located in the next complex) and then went back to the lab to get my blood drawn.

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