Jan 7, 2008

A week into 2008

This is too fast, we are now a week into the new year 2008. I can't believe it. My boy will soon be turning 2 in less than 2 months and I have yet to come up with the theme for his birthday. I am not even sure if I plan to have a birthday bash like last year for him. My MIL helped prepare most of the dishes for the last party. I made a few, and we had so much leftover that we had to ask every guest to take doggy bags with them when they left.

It is a lot of work, but it is fun to meet up with all the relatives. I don't really have any relatives here, though I have a few good friends. Although they are all my husband's side, and we don't meet up too often. Unlike me, they don't get together for no reason. When I was back in KL, I would go out for mamak session or a coffee bean evening with my cousins. It was fun to hang out and gossip around. I do miss those moments.

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KittyCat said...

Haha, I'm planning for the 2nd birthday too! Headache right? Gonna try my hand at choc chips cookies this time =)