Dec 30, 2007

We are on the last day of the year

In less than 4 hours, we will be on Dec 31st, 2007. It means that we are on the last day of the year 2007. That's quick to go by.

Ths whole week hubby's company was shutdown. But he will be at work tomorrow (Monday) for a little bit. After our short vacation to Las Vegas, we didn't do much except for visiting the mall and Target. We know that they would be having year end sales pretty soon but up till today, yet to see it. Could be after New Year.

But today at Target Manhattan Beach, we were able to grab some Christmas/Hoiday items for 75% off the original price. We filled up our shopping cart and at checkout, our final total came to over $100! Beside the Christmas items, there were many toys on sales too. I couldn't resist by all these good prices so I got some toys for Brandon as well as another diaper bag for myself. I love shopping, as long as I don't have to see the credit card statement. HA HA!

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