Dec 20, 2007

A not so smooth Thursday

This morning I woke up at 7:30am, thinking my boy probably would sleep in till later. He woke up at 7:35am demanding for his milk. He was crying and crying, and couldn't wait for the milk to be warmed. I know immediately today is not going to be a good day for me.

While having my breakfast, my boy came to me with his doodle board and requested me to draw CLOCK for him. I told him nicely to let me eat my breakfast. He was upset and kept asing for 'DOK DOK!'. Can't I have my breakfast in peace?

Then I had to head out to Target and stop at Ikea to return the comforter. While at Target, my boy wanted some crackers/cookies. I gave him the mini teddy cinnamon grahams. He took a few but while we were at the toys department, he kept screaming to come down from the stroller. I let him. After a while, I told him to get back on the stroller so we could go pay for the toy he picked from the shelf. He listened and on the stroller he went.

He was holding his toy and then he started sreaming again, pointing to his mouth. I wasn't sure what was wrong. Gave him water but he didn't calm down. I quickly went to the cashier and paid for the stuff I got and we left. He was fine after that.

We went back to the car and left the bags in the trunk, took out the comforter and walked to Ikea which was just next to Target. The return process took me about less than 5 minutes but the waiting took me more than 15 minutes. Then something really fumed me up happened while I was browsing through their showroom ... if you want to know, you got to read here.

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1+2mom said...

Merry X'mas and Happy Holiday to you and your family.