Dec 18, 2007

Craving for Ice Cream

Whenever I visit Disneyland with my family (we have the annual passports), I always have the craving for their waffle cone with two scoops of ice-cream and toppings. They are very tasty and the aroma of the freshly made waffle carries all the way on the Main Street Disney. I can't describe the flow of aroma but it sure brings in a lot of customer to the ice cream shop.

And everytime I am there, I sure pay a visit to the ice-cream shop. I stand there and look at their menu and my teeth start tingling and having one of those sensitive teeth moments.

I remember I had problem eating frozen ice-cream on stick because I couldn't bite on it as it made my teeth painful. But then I've started using the Biotene sensitive toothpaste and it helped with my problem and I no longer have sensitive teeth now.

Biotene helps to protect the sensitivity of the teeth and with the natural Enzyme LP3 Complex™ that heals bleeding gums as well as act as a soothing treament for dry mouth. Biotene is also sodium-laurly sulfate- free. Although you may not see much bubbles with Biotene but my mouth does feel clean after brushing.

So during next trip to Disneyland, I will be sure to order myself a waffle cone ice-cream cup with chocolate fudge and peanut toppings. No, I am not sharing it with my Hubby, if he wants; he has to get his own cup.

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