Dec 18, 2007

Christmas Party

Brandon and I were supposed to join a Christmas party today at noon at Wilson Park, Torrance, organized by SAHM in the neighborhood. This party was planned a month ago by LB Jenn, the organizer of this group. We were supposed to bring some types of food and if we chose to, our kids would be inlcuded in the gift exchange.

Yesterday, I received a mass email from LB Jenn. Due to the rain in the forecast for today, the location has been changed and the party would be held at her house in Long Beach. I called her to let her know we wouldn't be going since my son is not going to behave well when visiting people's house and on top of that, there'll be too many strangers for him. And with the rain, we would prefer to stay home.

Luckily, we decided not to go as Brandon woke up too early this morning and was napping by 1pm. We wouldn't able to make it to her house anyway. May be next time. ;)

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