Nov 20, 2007

Worth it all!

Since we bought our annual Disneyland passports a little over a month ago, we've been there 4 times. The last two times we went in the evening. It is a totally different experience compared to the day time visit. In the evening, we get to take the ride in dark. There are also Chrismas lighting and it looks so wonderful, especially the beautiful icicles decoration on Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Although each time we go, we only spend 2-3 hours top, but it is nice just to walk around. My boy especially enjoys looking at all the ceiling fans found around the park, inside the stores and restaurants. He gets tired after the evening outing and sleeps better at night. hmm ... we may be heading out to Disneyland again coming Wednesday evening, since this Thanksgiving weekend is considered as black out dates for our passes.

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