Nov 19, 2007

Short trip duing Christmas week holiday

Christmas is coming up in about 1 month. Time really passing fast. This time last year, we went for our first trip oversea to Malaysia spending our 2 weeks vacation with my side of the family. It was fun but too short. I wish we can go back visiting again soon but with an active toddler whom can't sit still for long, I don't think I will be able to survive the 20 plus hours of flight myself alone with him.

So we have to do short trips to nearby cities or states within driving distance. Yes, we have to pack a lot and driving a car is the most convenient as we can pack as much as we wanted into the trunk. Last month we went up to San Francisco for a 3 days trip. It was manageable and we enjoyed the trip very much.

Coming Christmas, my husband and my SIL will have a week holiday through New Years. We are planning now for an Oregon New Years vacation as SIL wanted to go up north visiting Tillamook Cheese Factory. We probably rent a minivan so we can fit everyone in 1 car. As for accommodation, we prefer to rent a vacation condo with 2 rooms at least and located by the beach area. MIL always prefers to cook her own meal so with a condo, is perfect as it comes with a kitchen and we can probably have home cook food even when we are on vacation.

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