Oct 3, 2007

So so soooo tired

I've been overly tired these few weeks. Brandon is getting older and requires even more attention and work. Besides taking care of him, I blog, do real estate, household chores, cook, and more.

I've been sleeping between 12:30am to 1am every night. I only get a long stretch of hours to myself after Brandon goes to sleep at night which is between 9:30pm to 10pm. Sometimes when I was putting him to sleep, I fall asleep myeslf before he does. I think many of you SAHM would agree with me on this. It is not easy to be a SAHM.

Lately, I've been babbling and my conversation as well as my body langugage are incoherent. Sometimes I don't even know what I was talking about. I need to give my mind a rest. It is now 10:20pm. I will sign out after posting this and head to my sleep early this evening.

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Priscilla said...

I am just wondering if it is possible at all to bring forward Brandon's bed time? 10pm is quite late and doesn't leave u much "me" time. JD and Chloe both go to bed at 8pm and I find that really helpful if u are also working from home. Drop me a note if u like to bring forward his bedtime, there are ways to do it.