Oct 4, 2007

I want a new mattress pad!

Yesterday morning I received an email from Immomsdaughter about the October Giveaway: a chance to win a queen size mattress pad plus 2 pillow case covers.

My eyes immediately became wide open! Yes, the email woke me up very good. Who doesn't want to win a $139.97 gift just by blogging about it rite?! But is not that easy, you also need to be creative and let her know why you deserve to win the mattress pad.

Hope my real life motherhood story can help me win.

I want to win My Lil Venture’s October Giveaway because ...

Why you may ask? Well, first read here.

Our old mattress pad was working fine until my son came along. It was fine when he was sleping in his own crib. But because of the cold weather and we were afraid he might be too cold, we moved him to sleep with us. Yes, we've been co-sleeping since then and I am enjoying it.

And since then, he has been sleeping on our bed for his daytime nap as well as the night time sleep. Many times accidents happened on the bed that I need to remove the bedsheets as well as the mattress pad to be washed. Yes, I am a clean freak! Accidents like throwing up (yucks that is smelly!), wetting, pee leaking from diaper, and more. There was 1 time I need to change my bedsheet once a night, then the next morning and then that next night again. Luckily, it was a nice sunny day my bedsheets were able to dry once I washed them

Lately, I've been noticing the mattress pad is really in 'distress'. See picture below:

If any of you were me, probably this got thrown out to the trash already. For me, I have wanted to get a new mattress pad but I have no time to shop around to find the best deal for the best quality. Until now ... I saw the contest sponsored by CleanRest at a friend's blog and I know I have to win this. I really do.

Read from their website that it can help people with allergy as well as someone with breathing problem. Hopefully with this new mattress pad, Hubby won't need to be reaching into the drawer for his inhaler in the middle of the night anymore.

Please please please let me win so we can have a nice, new and clean mattress pad to protect our bed as well as our sleep.


Mummy to QiQi said...

Hi, saw you the winner at Elina's blog. Just drop by here to send my congratulations to you!!


wHOisBaBy said...

Thanks Chinnee! Ya, can't believe I've won!