Oct 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween people! I know this is not a celebration for my friends and family in Malaysia but for those in US ... Happy Trick or Treat Night.

Will be bringing Brandon out in the evening to walk around South Torrance residential area to have some fun and of course - free candies! I don't know how he will react fraom wearing the costume to seeing so many weird people in costume on the street. Will hope that we will able to get him walk a bit at least. *cross fingers* It would be a waste if we drive all the way down there and he wants to come home.

Another note, at the Parenting Class yesterday we had a small Halloween Party. I didn't put Brandon in costume because I know he would not like it. Without the costume, he enjoyed the party more. Will update on that later in his blog.

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Angeleyes said...


I so wish to join you guys!!!