Oct 29, 2007

Down go the PR

This blog of mine used to have PR4 but since the most recent reranking, it has dropped to PR3. I am glad that it is still staying at PR3 because I remembered my LA My Home blog once had dropped from PR3 to PR0. That was an unbelievable drop but was not something in my control. Fortunately, now that blog and my shopping blog, both had also went up to PR2.

There'll be more posts in all my blogs now as I will have to crank them up since I have to write more 'cari makan' and 'wan sek' posts. So stay tune ya! =)


NomadicMom said...

At least still PR 3 lor... and being in the US gives you more opps

NomadicMom said...

Btw, waaa.. so many blogs to maintain. "pui fook"!