Oct 17, 2007

Bye bye pacifier

My boy stop taking the pacifier since Sunday. It is good in one way but not good in another. Without the pacifier, it is very difficult for him to call asleep. With a pacifier and if he is tired, he can usually doze off very easily. But without a pacifier, even if he is very tired, he will be circling the bed round and round, doesn't want to lay down on the bed.

Last few days afternoon nap took very long. His usual nap time was supposed to be around 1pm to 2pm, if he wakes up around 8am in the morning. I brought him in the room at 2pm, gave him his milk around 230pm (another tough job - will post about it another day). But he only napped at 4pm the last few days. Slept only 40 minutes the most.

This is draining my energy - mentally and physically. Luckily, I was still able to cook a simple meal this evening for dinner. I hate eating out too much because eat until don't know what to eat.

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