Sep 28, 2007

What I do when my son naps?

These are the things/stuff I do when he is napping for 1 hour.

  • Clear the toys away (I hate messy rooms)
  • Wash his bottle
  • Prepare and cook lunch (porridge, pasta, etc) for him
  • Prepare and eat my lunch
  • Wash the dishes
  • Throw rubbish
  • Do laundry (sometimes)
  • Think what to cook/eat for dinner
  • Checking emails, replying to clients (while eating lunch)
  • Checking PPP
  • Write opps if available (while eating lunch)
  • Write interim posts if time allows
  • Do my monthly expenses on excel
  • Shop online if got extra time
  • Edit pictures to upload

I don't get to do all the stuff listed above in 1 hour. Usually by the time I finish my lunch, he wakes up. Sometimes he wakes up when I am half way through my lunch.

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