Sep 14, 2007

Visiting Australia

Yes, I will be visiting Australia, one of these days. Firstly, I've not been to Australia before and secondly my families are there. My sister lives in Adelaide. My plan will be to travel to Adelaide and fly to Brisbane together with her to visit my father.

I've been checking out Brisbane Accomodation and probably we will be renting a serviced apartment instead of hotel. It is generally cheaper as well as with larger rooms, which means I can share with one apartment with my sister and her family. Another advantage is able to make last minute reservation and may even find a lower rate too.

Besides Brisbane, we will be heading out to Melbourne and Sydney. These are the two largest cities in Australia. I've heard hotel rates at these two cities are not cheap but at I can find good rates for Melbourne Accomodation and Sydney Accomodation.

Living in a serviced apartment is much suitable for family as we probably be travelling with a small little one, we always need the use of a small kitchenette. We also can cook little meals instead of eating out all the time. It will be fun to have 2 families living together for a short vacation. Can't wait to visit my families in Australia.

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