Sep 13, 2007

Tuesday Garbage Day

Tuesday is our garbage day. I hate Tuesday because every Tuesday my son wakes up earlier than he supposed to. He will hear the loud garbage truck passing our street as well as the noice of picking up the trashcan to dump the garbage into the truck.

Every Tuesday morning I wake up early, closed all the rooms' doors and make sure windows are all tight. I even turn on the music CD. But when the garbage truck passes by our house, he sure will startle from his sleep and look for me. I have no choice but to take him out to our living room's window to let him view the garbage truck activity on the street.

How I wish the master bedroom is located on the back of the house. But not. Our master bedroom is just behind the garage and the first room from the front.


huisia said...

haha..same here..but at least you know when is the garbage day. my area here doesn't have fix time one..

wHOisBaBy said...

huisia: i know how malaysia garbage system work. they come whenever they feel like it. i asked my aunt, she too tell me she doesn't know when the garbage day is. weird.