Sep 27, 2007

Not enough sleep

Since the arrival of the baby I've been sleep deprived. I should be sleeping earlier but I can't. Because the only time I am able to do my own things are when he is sleeping at night. Only then, I will have a long straight 2-hours without distraction from my work (real estate, blogging, shopping online, etc).

He usually go to sleep around 10pm. I stayed up until around 12am. Watch some TV from 12-1230am then I fall asleep while having the TV sleep timer on for 10 minutes.

Why don't I take nap when my son is napping? I am the kind of person that dislike taking nap in the day time. Anyhow, when he is taking his nap, I'll be busying around the house with other stuff - chores.

Well at least now I can have a straight (sometimes) 6 hours of sleep. But still sleep deprive because they've accummulated from one and a half years ago.

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