Sep 21, 2007

My workstation

This is my workstation on my dining table. I work from home and do blogging to earn extra income. Because I have an active toddler at home, I have to be mobile. I used to only work from my study room. But now I work outside in the dining area.

That's why I use a Dell laptop as my workstation. This is an Inspiron 700m, a very small laptop. Dell no longer carries this model. But when I bought it, it was one of the cheap laptops compare to other brands.

Recently, I received a catalogue from Dell and their new range of Inspiron laptops are so colorful, they come in red, green, blue, yellow and more. Choose a color to match your personality.

This may sound weird, but I can't wait for my laptop to stop working so I can get a new one. *wink*

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