Sep 21, 2007

Extra Salmon from dinner

Yesterday MIL called in the early afternoon and asked if we wanted to go over for dinner. She's making roast beef, one of my Hubby's fave dish. Yea, he is a meat person. I told her we were going to have salmon and vege for dinner. I said that I already had the salmon out. She told me to cook the salmon the next day (ie: today), but I told her we usually eat out on Friday/weekend. She then asked me how many pieces of salmon I had. I told her I had 7 half steaks which I bought from Marukai, they were those lightly salted kind. She then told me to cook the dish and bring it over to have together for the dinner.

When evening came, I pan fried the salmon steaks. All 7 pieces. I usually only cook half the pack - 3 pcs for our own dinner. After Hubby came home, we went over to MIL's house together with the 6 pcs of salmon. Hubby and I each took 1 pc of salmon while the other three (MIL, FIL and SIL) all didn't take a single pc. I thought they would have it later.

But then after dinner ended, there were still 5 pcs left on my plate. At the dinner table I asked if MIL wanted to keep the salmon as we didn't want the leftover as we won't be eating home on the weekend. She said NO. I was shocked. She was the one whom told me to cook all and she hardly had a bite, none of them had any. She told me salty salmon steak makes her blood sugar high.

Aiya, then why you told me to cook all to bring over if nobody from ur home going to eat leh? Now I have these 5 pcs of salmon in my fridge. Not sure when we going to finish them all. I dislike having the similar dish for days. So kek hey only let me tell you lar. I complaint to Hubby and he said next time we don't go over for dinner anymore.

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