Sep 3, 2007

Hot Hot Hot

This 3-days Labor's day holiday weekend is so hot and humid. Imagine me sweating here in Los Angeles. I've never sweat so much, and feel so sticky. Just made me feel like I am back in Malaysia. Temperature was up to 100 degree at around 1-2pm. We couldn't stand the heat anymore so today, we jumped into the pool.

Saturday and Sunday we were busy going out. When we returned home in the late afternoon and evening, our house felt like an oven. We had to close all windows as we don't have iron grills. So the house is really really hot and humid. Very uncomfortable when we step inside. Don't ask why we didn't turn on AC, because we don't have 1. Old house.


Vien said...

Oh, I know what you mean. It has been hot here too but tonight seems to cool down a lot.

LA My Home said...

vien: good to hear that it cooled down at the north CA. here still hot hot hot.