Sep 18, 2007

Find out baby's gender

When I was pregnant, I told my Hubby that I didn't want to find our the gender of our baby. I wanted it to be a surprise. However he told me that he wanted to know because we coordinate the colors and thus making cloths shopping easier. I told him we could get neutral colors that can fit for box genders.

But one day we went shopping at BBRU and I was just looking/browsing for the babies' clothing. Honestly, there are not too many 'neutral' colors clothing available. And they are very plain and not much characters on them. Most clothing are genders specific with nice and cute design on them. I would say only 1 rack that is neutral while there were rows and rows or gender specific clothing.

So I ended up knowing my baby is a boy before he was born. Actually I saw "it" on the ultrasound without needing the radiology technician to explain to me. Can be said that I found out by accident but it sure did help with our baby's cloth shopping.

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