Sep 12, 2007

Family Estate Planning

We do not have a financial plan for our family future. I've been telling my spouse that we need to start a living trust so that in case of anything, there will be no need to hire probate lawyers. In any case, we want to try to avoid going through the probate court. With help and careful planning, we can do that.

My relatives would tell me to start a will, but it is not the same as back in her country. Even with a will, assets have to go through probate court before releasing them back to the heirs. Let me tell you, it is very time consuming going through probate.

Morris, Hall & Kinghorn is an Arizona law firm that can help people like you and me to carefully plan out the assets protection for the future. They are a member of the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys, and the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys. With their 30 years of experience, they can help you with any of the following family estate planning:

  • a will or living trust
  • asset protection
  • financial planning
  • life insurance planning
  • guardianship of your children
  • sale of a home or real estate
  • business planning
  • retirement and Medicaid planning
It is important to protect your assets, please take a moment to think about the future for your children. Start planning today, to protect your family for the future.

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