Sep 28, 2007

Being picky

Although I have a lot of 'white' opps in my PPP marketplace, I do not take all of them. Some pays too little for too many words or links. Some pays too little but needed to do too much research to come up with the post.

I am being picky now although I am yet to reach my daily maximum but I forgo these opportunities available to me. Even now that PPP has increase our postings to 3 day (which was how it was when I started but then reduced to 2 per day a few months back), I still not able to do 3 per blog.

There are many other opps but most of them, my blogs don't qualify to write. I wonder when will be the next page ranking update. I can't wait for that and eager to find out how my other blogs are doing with this update.

1 comment:

IMMomsDaughter said...

Me too! I'm sitting here staring at $12 and $10 opps because I do not have any interims. Sien. I never fulfill my max opps since months ago :P