Aug 9, 2007

Stay At Home Mom

I am really a stay at home mom. I mean, I hardly go out with my son alone by myself on the weekdays, except when we have music class. That was the only time I will drive him out the house. Now that the summer semester is overed, we will have to wait till the fall semester begins on Sept 10th. Other than the music class, we stay home all day all week, except on weekends when Daddy doesn't have to work.

I feel a little left out from the society lately. I don't get much interaction with outside people. Even when I was at the music class, not much conversation among the moms. Well, there are groups of people which I wasn't a part of. Also with my busy schedule now, I hardly keep in touch with my friends. I also joined a stay-at-home-mom group but haven't even been to any of their meetups yet. There was one time they were meeting up at a kids-friendly coffee shop but the drive was kinda far away from my place, about 20-30 minutes each way, so I passed.

I guess my world now revolves around my boy, and only my boy (of course and his Daddy too). So I am really a STAY AT HOME MOM.

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