Aug 9, 2007

Investing in Stock Market

Real Estate market is very expensive to invest nowadays, although it is one of the best investments we have. Lucky enough for us, we own a home. We have bought the home right before the real estate market boomed. Wished we have bought more homes then.

Now that we are financially more stable and have some extra money, we are thinking of investing part of our savings. Money sitting in the bank doesn't earn much interest. And since real estate market is too high, we have to look to stock market investment.

I know many probably thinks there are risks involving in investing stock market. But if you want to get rich, you need to take chances. We might be looking into NetPicks Universal Market Trader Interactive Training Course to prepare ourselves with a strategy in the trading world. We'll be able to pick up tips on successful trading strategy that can be used on different trading markets.

If we are successful in this stock market investment, we'll be able to purchase a bigger home to move to. And probably a yearly trip back to Malaysia for a holiday too.