Aug 14, 2007

My work life

As you know I am a part time real estate agent. I still try to be actively involve in this business because I have referrals whom I am currently working with. So, every week I will drop by my office to check my mailbox to see if any faxes ... stuff like that.

Yesterday a client of mine told me she faxed me some documents for review. This morning I brought my son with me to collect the fax. He was OK when I went into the office to retrieve the fax. I wanted to review the documents before leaving, so we walked into a tiny conference room with a small round table and 4 chairs.

The moment he saw me walking towards the small room, he started crying, feeling embarassed I immediately left the office building and went to the car. He stopped crying the moment we walked out. At the end, I sat in the car to review the documents while he was playing with my car key. I just needed to check through the fax if it was complete with all the necessary pages before I leave the office. So instead, I did that in my car. That's my work life as a mother.


G @ said...

that's amazing and u're very capable. tough having to work with a toddler. yeloh powah should be VERY proud of u and give u that massage u needed very much, hehe!! buy i think maybe u'd prefer him to pay for a pro masseur for u :P

wHOisBaBy said...

mommibee: pro massage better but need to find the time to go out to have it done. that's the hardest part - finding time.