Aug 22, 2007

Graduation Gifts

My brother will be graduating from college end of this year. I got to start looking for some college graduation gifts for him. Time really passes too quickly. To me, he is still my youngest 'little' brother and always will be. But standing in front of me is a 21-years old young man.

I don't really have any idea what to get for him. Haven't been staying with him for a long time and doesn't really know what he likes or dislike. But I think getting a college sourvenirs is always safe. How I wished that someone would have given me a personalized glass photoframe with my college picture in the footer. Or even a personalized desk clock, we all always need a clock somewhere in the house.

May be I can try to 'win' a graduation gift for him. What do you think about this watch below?

Fellin’s Jewelers is running a contest this month for bloggers. They will be giving away a quartz men's or a ladies' watch, whichever the winner choose to receive. I want to win the men's two-tone stainless steel with heavy gold plate for my brother as his college graduation gift.

If you have a blog and interested to find out more about this watch giveaway contest, please visit Fellin's September Giveaway Contest. All you need is to write up a post about the contest with the requirements (see website), and send them an email. At the end of September 30th, they will pick the winner and he/she will be contacted by Fellin's Jewelers by email.

So GOOD LUCK posties!!

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