Aug 22, 2007

Finally can sit down

Ya, finally I can sit down peaceful. My boy is finally asleep. He woke up early this morning at 630am, right after his daddy left for work. I was tired because last nite I slept around 1230am and woke up around 1am because the little boy whined a little and wanted water. Woke up again around 530am as he was looking for his pillow.

Thought he would go back to sleep after I gave him his milk at 645am. He looked very tired but yet, he didn't want to sleep. Rolled around the bed for a while and then wanted to go outside. And my nightmare began. Didn't have time to do the $50 PPP, which was OK. But then didn't have time to prepare his porridge for HIS lunch which made me madder. He was constantly coming into the kitchen opening the drawers and taking things out. I kept telling him no no no, but he didn't listen.

I stopped doing the chopping and took him inside to nap, but he didn't want to. Kept eh eh eh ... I also didn't know what he wanted. So I brought him out again. Started playing with the stuff in my drawers, the tuperwares containers and then my pots and pans. So pening kepala already me. Not enough sleep and this while cooking, aiyo ... steam also coming out. How in the time like this I wish I have a maid.

My hands were wet and the floor was wet because my hands moving to close the drawers. He slipped and sat down. I laughed at him because I said I told him no he didn't listen. He cried. Then I took him to the dining area and left him there while I continued my cooking. I didn't bother about him. I couldn't. I had to finish the cooking. I didn't care mar let him cry. He kept coming up to me but I ignored him and took him back to the dining area. YA, I am that cold. I knew he was tired.

So I faster faster finished up the stuff, washed the rice and put inside the pot, turn the fire to small. Washed my hands, washed a towel to wipe off the tears and everything else on his face, washed his hands, gave him water, checked his diaper (was dry), put him on the bed, gave him his pacifier, put him down ... slept beside him for 1 minute, then I saw his eyes closing, then I left the room. He fell asleep in 2 minutes. Now peace is with me ... aaaahh ... for only 1 hour.

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