Aug 15, 2007

Diaper Laundry

Been doing a daily diaper laundry at night after Brandon went to sleep. Started doing a daily evening wash for the diapers since two weeks back when I realized the diapers get dried faster in the morning, especially the pocket diapers (not the inserts though). Before, I did the wash in the morning and hanged them outdoor in the sun when they were ready. They wouldn't be ready until the late evening. So one day without cloth diaper. Now, by washing them at night, I take out the semi-dry cloth diapers outdoor the next morning and only takes 1/2 to get dry and I can put it back on my boy the same day.

This evening I am washing (in the washer now) 5 fitted Kissaluvs diapers and 4 pocket diapers. All these he wore today. There was a period in the afternoon where he wet 3 fitted diapers in less than 30 minutes. He had just finished his lunch. I changed the pocket diaper as soon as I realized that is wet, though it may able to take up more, but I rather have a clean and dry diaper for my son.

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