Aug 15, 2007

Being parent is not easy

Being a mother with a young son, there will be constant worry. From the first day he arrives till the day he goes to college and as he moves on with his life, as a mother you will understand, I worry about my son.

Living in Los Angeles gives me even more worry as we always hear news about gangs and drugs. Some of the young kids try to get into drugs to get a status with their peers, just because they are doing it, simply peer’s pressure. This particular abuse does keep me worry about my son’s future, especially about who his friends are.

Recent news about Lindsay Lohan being arrested for drunk driving and cocaine possession has been haunting me. I just don’t understand why a 21 years young famous beautiful star would throw away her life just like that. When brought this topic up during a discussion with a friend on msn, she told me that this gal has family problem, her parents are getting divorce. Well, that is not an excuse to get into drugs and alcohol abuse. It is just not right.

When this abuse occurs to any individual, they need help. They need to understand their underlying problem or problems that caused their addiction, whether is because of peer’s pressure, stress, family problems, status acknowledgement or others. They need to get into a drug addiction treatment program that best for them. One that can help educates these individuals to learn and identify about their own drug addiction and hopefully by doing so, it will help to break their addiction cycle. This is could be a long and difficult process and really depends on each individual’s commitment.

Parents may blame themselves when their children develop this addiction. It is difficult not to and as a parent, I can understand. That’s why it is not easy to be parents.


Jacelyn Chew said...

that's y we parents have to guide our children well, always show positive manner and encourage them more each day.....a healthy and complete family is the main factor in developing good future of our kids, i agree...

huisia said...

agree, as a mother sometimes tired too!