Aug 13, 2007

Body Massage

I am in need of a full body massage. Shoulder ache, backache, hands and fingers too. Guess spending too much time in front of the computer brings all the aching out.

I love massage, unfortunately I do not have a "personal" home masseur. He actually suggested that I go to a professional to get my massage done. But I don't really know where to find a good one locally. MIL and I usually go to a masseur in Arcadia area, which is like 1hr drive each way. I need to find a local massager.

There are a few Japanese Spa places I saw, but I am not sure if those are for "specific" business or really a massage spa. I better find one that is more professional. A 60 minutes full body massage will cost around $80-$120 plus tips (15%-20%) depending on the beauty/day spa. There goes my money from blogging.

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