Aug 20, 2007

Another ranting

Is summer time and is hot, really. I can understand if MIL wants to wear housecoat. You know housecoat? A flair dress for home. What she does is very inappropriate, I think. At her own home, she does that when I go over too. And if she comes to my home, she does that at my home. She flashes in front of me! She pulls her dress up and flashes (she told me she did that so air goes inside to cool down). Sometimes she sit 'kang-kang' open coffee shop, if you understand what I mean. I don't want to go into detail what I see.

She is here now, and she did it again. Is OK if no one sees it. But it is so 'malu' (shame) for me (or Brandon even though he is still young) to see "it". Told her many times, her daughter told her many times too, but she never change. I better go clean and wash my eyes with dettol now.


G @ said...

fuiyooo ur MIL so sexy one :D

Blur Mommy said...

haha.. very funny! She really make herself at home hor??