Aug 17, 2007

3am midnite AGAIN!

Last nite my boy didn't go to sleep until 1045pm. And he wanted me next t0 him, and eventually I dozed off while lying next to him. I slightly woke up around 1125pm, and saw him sleeping soundly. Moved out from the bedroom and went to do the diaper laundry which was ready before I dozed off.

Finished the laundry around 1140pm and was about to turn off the laptop. Thought I would check another time if any opps available - none. Then I was at the dashboard and saw an interesting blog of the day. Went by and read a few posts. By the time I really turned off my laptop it was around 1210am.

Went inside the room, turn on the TV but nothing interesting. I lied down but wasn't able to fall asleep immediately. I think I finally slept around 1245am. At 3am sharp, my boy was unsettled. He kept kicking me. So I took him from the bed and let him potty. When he was done, put back his 'dry' disposable diaper on and let him have his little pillow. Clean up the potty and came back to the bed. That guy was still unsettled, so I asked him if he wanted milk, and he signaled 'yes'. Went out to take the milk and let it warm up.

The milk was ready around 340am and I fed him. He slept soundly afterwards. And me lying down again and took me a while to really go back to sleep. I thought he would wake up late this morning, but was wrong. He woke up at 715am. I was still very tired. But I woke up to let him do the potty again. Yes, his disaposable diaper was still dry. Asked if he wanted milk, he signed yes. Made him his milk and fed him.

It was around 745am. I thought he would go back to sleep after the milk but he rolled and rolled and rolled and he woke up and pointing at the potty agin. OK, let him did his stuff and hope that he would go back to sleep for a little but ... *sigh* ... I had to wake up tired, sleepy and with blurness still stuck with me. I hate waking up in the middle of the night.


Sweetpea said...

and u'd think the midnight sessions will end once they are old enough? hahahha... sorry, not laughing at you. if there's any consolation, mine still does that quite occasionally :)

wHOisBaBy said...

sweetpea: yea i know what you mean, i thought i can sleep good good now. but i guess not. don't think i will have any good sleep anytime soon.