Aug 5, 2007

She is like that

Remember this? Today, I am going to yeeeyee-ngamngam about her again. She lives just three houses away. A few times a week I will take Brandon over to her house to visit. Almost everyday she and FIL will come over to my house. It is very difficult to overlook Brandon at her house because she has so much junk around. There are sharp corners, dusty old ornaments, breakable items ... everywhere. It is safer for Brandon to be at his own home as it well organized to be suited for him.

Anyway, whenever we go visit and when we leave, for sure MIL will say she wants to carry Brandon back home. I am OK with that. But when we are walking back towards our house, MIL always point to our neighbor's kid (3 years old) who is playing water in the yard in this HOT summer weather and tells Brandon,

"Look at that boy there, he is very naughty, he is a naughty boy, playing water in the front yard. (the boy's mom actually is there with him) Brandon good boy, don't play water ah."

I rolled my eyes and told her,
"Play water means naughty boy meh? Brandon always play with water also, you don't see only."

She ignored me, and repeated it again to Brandon about the naughty boy.

Why must she complains about other ppl's kids. I just don't understand. She just doesn't seem to listen to her children telling her not to do that and keeps on doing it.


G @ said...

my mil is the same "cap" (brand) hehe. says and thinks nothing good abt any other person except herself!!

wHOisBaBy said...

mommibee: i also dunno why she like that, already told her many many times not to talk bad about others but ... *sigh*