Jul 23, 2007

Malaysian Postal System

I know sometimes postal service is unreliable. But who would have thought the one mail that was so important got lost without arriving to the receiver. I mailed out a congratulatory card to my cousin and his wife, most than 2 weeks before their wedding. I know I have given enough time for the card to arrive. It should take about 1 week. That's the "usual" travelling time for a card to get to me when my Hubby sent one to me when I was in KL.

I spoke to my sister 1 week after I mailed the card and she told me she has yet to send hers out. I was laughing at her telling her, hers may not be able to get there on time. How wrong was I? Her card and gift arrived safely the Monday after the wedding. And mine? Not even a shadow was there. *slap head*

Initially, Hubby had mentioned to include "cash" in the envelope, but before mailing out the card, I decided not to. I got the sixth sense thingy there. Luckily we didn't. Or else the piece of "cash" would been missing too. This is the first time ever I mailed something to Malaysia that it was lost.


Lovely Mummy said...

ohh, i also have the same experience with u too, but me only mail to KL and got lost...i wonder what and how they work...thats y if very important mail, hubby and i get courier service. pay more but safe.

LA My Home said...

it was just a card, didn't think we should use the courier service. very frust one, when the mail should get there but it didn't.

May said...

aiya, is normal lah, for malaysia postal. i sent out 2 greeting cards to penang for my mother and my son at the same time and same post box few months ago...my mum received hers one in one week time, but for my son one...til now still never receive it. and also for my husband's credit card statement, always lost mail and we have to call the credit card center to re-print and send to us, so the bank will charge us for RM5 per printing. hai...malaysia's postal is really not trust worthy...really need to improve.

karat said...

Hi! Found this entry via search engine. Glad I'm not the only one bugged by this. I've lost too many mails from outside Malaysia and they all had one thing in common: they're unregistered. Seems like the people in charge think that they're not responsible for unregistered overseas mails. Also, you sent a card, so maybe they thought you had put money in there. My two cents: if it's anything other than a letter and the envelope can't be easily bent, register it. At least you can track the mail and file a report if it's lost on the way.