Jun 22, 2007

Organize the garage

Our garage is in a mess. All the empty boxes of the baby's products are dump inside. We didn't throw it out or recycle it because we want to reuse the boxes to keep the things later. It is less dusty that way. Our garage is more like a storage room than a real garage. Boxes, tools, gardening stuff ... all everywhere.

Anyway, we are thinking of re-organizing the garage. May be put up a few of the brushed aluminum metal pegboards so my husband can organize his gadgets and tools neatly on the wall instead of piling them up in the cardboard. That way, he can easily take out what he needs when he is doing DIY. May be also getting some nice huge plastic containers to put all the small little stuff that we don't need to use often. We'll see when we will get this done. I hope in the next few months.

*This is a sponsored post.