Jun 16, 2007

Hectic evening

After a long hectic afternoon, then came a hectic Friday evening. Well ... my story here very long one ... so be ready with a cup of coffee and a piece of cake.

Brandon was napping at the way back from the mall, and even napping after I carried him out from the car into our room. We had our dinner while he was napping. He woke up about 30 minutes later, and I gave him a bath. Fed him his dinner - some mixed cereal and a bottle of chicken and rice BeechNut baby food.

Everything was fine until around 730-8pm. I was doing something, may be trying to blog or something, or washing something ... actually I wanted to give my kammo a call to congratulate on her eldest son's wedding but I didn't have the time. Daddy was playing with Brandon in the bedroom, and suddenly everything went quiet. Brandon was with his pacifier laying on the bed, while Daddy was watching TV. Then suddenly, Brandon cried ... very loud one and very 'cham'. Like something was wrong. Daddy carried him out to me, and I asked Daddy, "What you did this time?" He said nothing. Brandon was still crying when I carried him over from Daddy. Walked around the house and I kept asking him to tell me what's wrong. Daddy said may be his shots area is hurting him because two shots on one thigh. I thought may be. It was around 830pm already, so we took off his diaper and placed him on the potty. No business there, we put on a new diaper for him.

He was 'koala-ing' me all the time. Luckily I already took my shower. Usually I didn't take my shower until 830pm. He didn't want to let me go. So I stayed in the bed with him while Daddy was online. Played with him for a while, read books with him. Then around 930pm, made him his milk. He drank his milk quietly. He was so tired and I could tell he wanted to sleep soon, but then his eyes want to close also like couldn't, like he is peeping if I was around. Then I left the bed to fold my clothings at the end of the bed. Suddenly he cried so badly again. I quietly checked on him and found that he peed on his diaper. So I knew probably becauase of the kkc that's why. We took off his diaper and put him on a new one. Saw a little blood there.

Was debating if we should call the ped, and decided to go ahead because it was still early. I didn't want to wake up in the middle of the night of him crying and need to call the doctor that time. Got to the doctor x-change (accept phone calls after hours) told me to call the hospital to reach the doc on call who was another ped. Called the hospital, and told him the condition, the nurse said it might be infection and asked us to bring him in. So we packed up a lot of stuff, books, stuff animals, blankets, food, water and also his darlin 'wah wah wah' ... well just incase if he needed to stay one night for observation. We'll never know.

Left home around 10pm. Got there around 1030pm. Stopped to fill up gas, but I told Hubby to fill little enough because Brandon was grouchy in the car already because it stopped. But he fell asleep on the way there. Carried him out on to the stroller and he was still sleeping. Went in to the ER and registered. Very easy because they already have his information, he was born there mar. Hubby was tired ... but I was still alert lar. Using my last bit of energy also have to stay alert mar.

Brandon woke up a bit then he saw the surrouding being different, he sat up from the stroller. Don't remember what time was that. Anyway, just in time, the male nurse called us in to get some info - weight, blood pressure, temp (used the rectal one - bb clinged to me like koala again here, I mean really really tight one). He cried when we pushed him into the room but was OK when I carried him. We moved back into the waiting room after that.

I think around 1145pm, we were called in. Brought into a private room with a tiny bed with wheels. Brandon already showing signs of tension, so I distracted him with the equipments in the room, the monitor, the clock, the sink, the curtain ... whatever I saw there. 10-15 mins later, a white doctor came in. I held Brandon down so he could check on him. It wasn't infection but the area needed some vaseline or lubricant to avoid future adherence of the skin to the gland. No, our ped didn't tell us that. No one told us about that. I didn't know and had just found out. It was an easy thing to do. Anyway, he told us to use diaper cream which is better. That's it. It was less than 5 mins. We waited another 10 mins for more paperworks and then we left the ER.

Got home around 1230-1240am. Everyone was tired, especially Hubby. Brandon was able to fall asleep easily after drinking his milk at around 130am. Hubby already in dreamland right immediately he step into the bed. I didn't sleep till later ... may be 2 or 230am.

Update: It has been a week now, and the skin around that particular area is no longer reddish. It has healed, but we are still applying the diaper cream or vaseline as lubricant around the area.


G @ mommibee.com said...

phew, must've been quite a scare alright! glad that everything was ok and just needed vaseline/diaper cream!

Angeleyes said...

Issit just some rashes???
Hope Brandon is fine now.

wHOisBaBy said...

grace: ya ... becos it was friday and next day weekend already ... no doctor. so quickly took him in er to find out the problem so we could sleep better at night.

angeleyes: nope, not really rashes. but like new skin pinkish/reddish condition.

blur_mommy said...

Oh dear, poor Brandon! Glad that it wasn't anything too serious. Hope that he's all better now.