Jun 20, 2007

Digital Phone Service

Since my family and relatives are all around the world, we have to utilize the phone to talk to each other. I use internet based digital phone service for all my oversea calls. It save a lot of money instead of using traditional phone calls. It also took away the hassle of using phone cards.

Packet8 offers a free Softtalk Basic. You make phone and video calls directly from your personal computer with their softphone program. It comes with free activation and no monthly fee. If I have more friends and relatives around USA, I will definitely take up their Freedom Unlimited plan for $24.99/month and I can make unlimited local and long distance calls in America and Canada. There is a one time activation fee of $24.99 for this plan. But there are many equipments that they offer that come free after mail in rebates.

Besides their residential plans, they also offer business phone services for as low as $14.99/month. If you own a virtual online business, you may want to look into their business phone plan to help you save some money for your business.

*This is a sponsored post.