Jun 8, 2007

Coloring books

Between the age of 1 to 6, my family and I lived with my maternal-grandma and my older twin cousins at Air Itam, Penang. When my mother was in work, they would be taking care of me. I was very mischievous under their supervision but once my mother was back from work, I would remain obedient. My mother used to work 3 shifts at Intel then. It was during her moning shift that I liked the best because I get to spend my days with my older cousins. They took me out to the market place and buy me stuff. I always got what I wanted from them, dolls, cooking sets, coloring books and more toys.

Talking about coloring books, one day I surfed onto Coloring Pages. It reminded me of the moments where my cousins got me those coloring books with beautiful Japanese dolls. I can still remember vividly how the dolls looks like, they are very beautiful, long hair, with twinkle eyes, long leg and wearing very nice dresses. I loved coloring those pretty dolls and I could sit and color the whole day. That was like over 20 something years ago.

Butl, now kids can do it online at Coloring Pages. They can pick the pictures of the dolls they want and color using with any color on the 216 colors pallete provided online. I only had a 12 color pencils set back then. It can be hours of fun for them. Beside dolls, Coloring Pages offer educational pictures, nature, animals, sports, transportation and more. Even better, if you know how to draw, you can upload your own pictures and color them. Then you can save your project when you are done and have your friends around the world to look at it.

*This is a sponsored post.