Jun 2, 2007

Aiseh ... Stupid SIL Part 3

Links to Part 1 and Part 2.

Real life TVB Drama continuation ...

4. This is really bad. Friend (D) told me SIL's kids do big business at her home toilet, but they don't flush one. OMG! SIL said want to save water bill. There were many times, D came home from work, tired and went into the bathroom and guess what she see in there? I don't have to say also you know. Sometimes is brown and sometimes is black because already 'rendam' in there so many hours. She has to inform her husband about it so he would tell his sister. Then can you guess what SIL will do? She scolds all her 3 kids in front of D and her husband. Just acting lar in front of them.

These are some others stuff:

5. Youngest daughter takes off panty and throw in the middle of the stair case.

6. Kids like to eat on the floor while watching TV. Rice falls on the floor but they didn't clean up. So MORE ants come to help themselve with the food.

7. Used to, they always turn on the TV, lights, fan after they arrived at D's house. But now they reduced the time the electrical stuff are left on.

So when D comes home from work ... she sees all these:

Fallen rice bits on the floor and coffee table, curtains all open, all lights around the house on, kitchen light on with the blind open (people walk by can see inside CLEARLY), and not forgetting ... the wee wee and also the other business smell inside the house.

So one day D cannot tahan anymore, she called the SIL. D said nicely to her about asking her kids to behave, at least eat on the table and clean up after eating, flush the toilet away, but you can guess lar, SIL replied with very unhappy voice because she hates people complaining about her kids. SIL called D's husband at work the next day and told him that if they didn't like them to go over, they will know what to do lar. She said they will stop going end of the school year because now the kids are still attending school.

I told D, if she feels like that, she should just STOP going over to your place starting tomorrow, period! No need to wait until end of the year one.

D said if she does that, then she has to move her kids back to her house, then her own house punya electricity bill goes up. Like during school holiday when the kids stay home, the electric bill sure goes up and SIL's husband sure complain about that, but what he didn't realize is during the normal school season who is paying the extra utilities bills on their behalf.

But after D's call to SIL, D has been a lot happier. Now D never see SIL and her kids anymore. Everyday, when D gets home, which is pretty late, all the stuff has been cleaned up and neatly put together. And no one else in the house when they got home.


G @ mommibee.com said...

DASHYAT! Really can be scripted for a TVB drama! glad to know they're gone from ur friend's hse!

LiL'deviL said...

Oh gone already ar? Then good lar! Another thing, can you don't put the 'word verification' thing when we leave comments? I always get them wrong...they're challenging my eyes.

wHOisBaBy said...

grace: temporary they are gone. guess will be back after the school holiday.

lil'devil: not yet, will be back one. cannot disable the comment verification thing, because i did before and i got a lot of spams, even though i put only blogger's users. hehe ... u have to learn to get use to it. ur eyes that bad meh now? u watched too much tv.

Angeleyes said...

Might as well just change the locks and hope they are gone forever! LOL

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, thanks for all the comments you all have given to me. I really enjoying to read it.

Anna, really thanks a lot for your time (type and listening to my long story). Hope to see you in Malaysia lah.

Bye and Take Care.