Jun 10, 2007

7 Random Things about ME

First tag from MommiBee. This is interesting ... so hold on to your chair ... the following are 7 random things about me.

1. I sit in front of the computer once I get up from bed, provided Brandon still sleeping. This is what I am doing now.

2. I don't have to drive if we go out with Hubby, he will drive. He said I drive like crazy woman. YA RITE! ... I just pretend so I can be the passenger when he is around.

3. I love to eat, and love to cook but very lazy to. I saw so many recipes from blogs, cooking or baking which I really really want to work my hand on ... but I can't find the time and I am also lazy. Now we tar pow outside for dinner may be 3-5 times a week.

4. My mother passed away the year I graduated from college. Wish she is still here.

5. I like to live in KL for the good food and companies. But for earning money and shopping, I like Los Angeles.

6. I want to move to a bigger house. Because the house now is full of lapsap and we need more storage space. Only 3 people living in the house, but all three rooms are filled with things. All closets are full too. Garage aslo full.

7. I take my own sweet time during shopping and like to go through the sales thoroughly before deciding what to buy if I need the item or not and if I want to spend the money for the item or not. Hubby cannot stand this because I'll be in the store for so long deciding on 1 item.

OK ... now I want to know random things about these friends of mine:

Binky Blogging
Blur Mommy


G @ mommibee.com said...

thanks for doing this tag :D wah tar pau 3-4 times, syiok lah. we also need a bigger house. 4 rms not enough, at least 5 rms hahaha

Angeleyes said...

I was double tagged on this by 2 other mommies but was thinking to post it at my HHHT blog.

LiL'deviL said...

#7: Aiyo, me also take very long time to decide whether or not to buy an item. Usually I'd ask Eddie's opinion, but I'd still take a long time to think. He too cannot stand this. kekeke...

Sasha said...

yr house so big still need a bigger house . keng.

Lovely Mummy said...

now i know that you are a shopperholic....we can shake hands as we are in the same group...hehe

huisia said...

your No.1 is exactly like me

wHOisBaBy said...

grace: np!

angeleyes: hehe ... ya post it there lar. get traffic.

lil'devil: i usually end up not buying anything. wasted the long hour i think about it.

sasha: *blush* my house big meh?

lovelymummy: i love window shopping. now my son also loves going to the mall. guess i got kaki here too. hehehe

huisia: i wish brandon wakes up later so i can do some work first, but usually he wakes up immediatly after me. *sigh*