May 25, 2007

Hubby got IPOD!


Hubby got a Nano Ipod. His office people are very nice. They gave him this for his birthday pressie lar. Haha ... I never got him anything that expensive ... well beside Brandon. Yes, Brandon is expensive. All kids are. Anyway ... back to the Ipod.

Hubby very exciting about it and he loves it so much. It is good for me too, if next time we go back to KL, I can bring pictures/videos with me in the Ipod instead of CDs, DVDs. Most importantly, I can view and show my relatives/friends the pictures and videos straight from the Ipod, instead of turning on the computer or laptop.

But first, I need to get an Ipod software which can help transfer my convert my videos into the Ipod. Lucky Hubby ... got such a nice pressie for his birthday.

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