May 25, 2007

Bumper Stickers

When I was younger, one of my many hobbies was to collect stickers. I would buy the nice nice colorful stickers and keep them for collection. They are very expensive. Never once I used them. These stickers are still with me all these times.

So, when I received my real estate license, first thing my husband told me was to get custom stickers made for my car bumper. I thought it was a brilliant idea. Kind of like to let every body who is driving behind me to know I am as a real estate agent. And hope for someone to give me a call to sell their home.

Well, we never did get one because it was very expensive to get customized sticker with our name and phone on it. May be I will consider again in this near future ... but this time to let people know I am an Arbonne Independent Consultant as well as a real estate agent.


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