Apr 4, 2007

Business Opportunity

Attention readers:

I am not an aggressive sales person and I am not trying to be pushy to get any of you be involved with what I am enjoying doing. But for those having a US or Canada address and looking to earn some extra income while doing it part time or being a SAHM (extra money to buy toys for your baby may be?) you can do this. It is not difficult. Though this is not a quick get rich scheme. It is network marketing. But the product is so good that it sells itself.

If you like to take good care of your own look(or have friends who do) and are currently using skin care products, you will definitely find this product works miracle. I love the product. I was using H2O+ before this (still using up the leftover I have, cannot throw away lar, money also rite? so just use during the day time and use Arbonne at night time). The price is cheaper than H2O+ and is natural, safe and beneficial. All natural botanical and herbal ingredients used. No dye, no fragrance, no animal by-products, no mineral oil.

Currently I am using their Intelligence not-so-basic skin care. I will get their Anti-aging line next time because I do see some wrinkles on my forehead. Need to use it to reduce the lines before it gets too deep. Also my eyes, not enough sleep ... got puffy eyes. Will start using the NutriMinC® RE9 Eye Cream which my Hubby is using. Yes, he also wants to look younger mar.

I can't immediately switch over everything because I have to use all stocks I have from previous purchase. I guess I have to start splashing more moisturizer on my face to finish the leftover. HA HA HA

Those locally in USA or Canada whom are interested, let me know. I can mail you samples of the product to try first before you make your decision.

For oversea, international readers who like to try this product I can send you samples too. This product is only available through independent consultants in US and Canada at this time. I believe they are not available in the Malaysian/Singaporean market yet. So it may be a good start for you too to introduce this product in your market. Their Anti-Aging line is the best seller and may be you can try promoting this line to the tai-tais. My upline is sending the productto her aunty in Taiwan as they like it so much. Her aunt tags in an extra 30% on top of the retail price for international shipping and profit.

Example of their NutriMinC® RE9 pricing (current price)
  • RElease Deep Pore Cleansing Masque, Retail price: USD26.00
  • REnewing Gelée Crème, Hydrating Wash, Retail price: USD35.00
  • REstoring Mist, Balancing Toner, Retail price: USD30.00
  • REpair, Corrective Eye Crème, Retail price: USD44.00
The above reflect their current prices. There will be a slight price increase on this line coming April 25th.


Vien said...

Anna, have you tried their dry-skin range? I find my skin exceptionally dry here but in Msia, my skin is normal.

wHOisBaBy said...

vien: let me email to you.

just a mummy said...

What size are the products that you quoted?
Will follow your new blog as I like to know more about skin care products.
Good work. How do you keep up with all your blogging, PPP, looking after a toddler, real estate business and skin care business??

Angeleyes said...

Maybe send some to me and let me try too... might be a good biz opportunity...

Timothy's Mummy said...

I'm interested to try out the skincare.

wHOisBaBy said...

just a mummy: cleansing masque is 5oz/141.75g, hydrating wash is 3.15fl.oz/93.15ml, balancing toner is 3.15fl.oz/93.15ml, eye creme is 0.60oz/17g.
actually no time one. just managing to do so. you may see sometimes no post because i have to a prince to 'foke see'. i have no time to rest!

angeleyes: will send to you once i received the samples i've just ordered.

timothy's mummy: sure i can send to you too. =)