Apr 10, 2007

My new Sony Ericsson W810i Mobile/Cell Phone

About a month ago, I bought a phone online during the sales thru amazon.com. Only had to pay 1 cent (using credit card) at checkout. I had to change service provider from T-mobile to Cingular AT&T to get the deal. And also to sign a 2 years contract with a monthly plan of $39.99 with 450 rollover anytime minutes plus 5000 nights and weekends minutes. It also includes free mobile to mobile calls among Cingular customers.

The deal which was receiving cash back after rebates is too good to pass. I will be getting back $99 when the two rebates come, plus a new phone. Love it. I love the BIG SCREEN and the ability to upload pictures using the included USB cables. This camera also can take pictures up to 2 megapixels. I don't think I will use much of its other capabilities - mp3 player, organizer & etc. I only use the phone to make long distance calls as the minutes are included and no extra charges. The phone is basically for business purposes as I don't have too many friends around here to chit chat chit chat, also I have NO time do so.

Since I have a lease listing in North Hollywood, I've managed to use 140 minutes in one week. I have to watch not to go over my allowed minutes each month or else I'll be charge like 40 cents a minute if I go above 450 minutes.


Vien said...

Wow! Fancy! My t-mobile contract is expiring soon. We're thinking of switching over to cingular. T-mobile's connection used to be good..but nowadays, i'm getting poor reception. The only thing that made us think twice for cingular is their 2-year mandatory plan. :(

wHOisBaBy said...

vien: i was with tmobile month to month on their 29.99 plan. but i need a new & better phone so i have to go with cingular. tmobile doesnt offer many choices on phones. now i do think tmobile has better reception. never once i encounter drop call with tmobile. with cingular, i experience once within two weeks and the reception is blurry sometimes even in my own home. but i already signed for 2 years, so hope that these 2 years will pass by quickly enough.

eiko-chan aka kimchi said...

Hey, that was the phone i initially wanted to get XD! But i opted for w850i (white) instead, because i prefer a flip or slide phone... and also i like to take pics of myself lar (=v=")... hehehe!

Though... that phone... was the one which had made me waited for over a month (= =" )... Wanted to save RM200+, so have to wait... ARGH!


wHOisBaBy said...

eiko: i think is ok only, the reception not too good lar ... always zak zak zak one. dunno if is the provider or the phone.