Mar 3, 2007

These I made ...

As I know I don't have much time to prepare extravaganza dishes with a demanding baby arouand, I decided to do really simple dishes: a fruit bowl and a salad bowl with dressing of choice. We also bought some chocolate eclair and Hillshire Farm little smokies / cocktail links from Sam's Club.

The fruit bowl took the most time as I have to prepare different fruits. It has pineapple (took me 1.5 hours to clean and slice two pineapples), fuji apple, dark purple grapes, light purple grapes, green grapes, oranges and honeydew (about half an hour to prepare). Prepared the pineapples and honeydew yesterday evening/night. This morning, I washed the grapes with some vegetable /frutis soap because the grapes were very dirty. Then I sliced off the top of the grapes where the stem connects as it wasn't that pretty. Cut the apples and oranges. Mixed them together.

The little smokies were baked in the oven for 8 minutes. We then used toothpick to link a piece of pineapple and the cocktail link together. Right before the guests arrived, we placed in the oven to bake for another 4 minutes.

The salad was store bought. I added slices of beefy tomatoes and red onions to it.

The eclair was store bought. I defrosted them and just arranged them nicely on the plate.

The salad and the cocktail links weren't that "laku" (popular). So much was left over. We threw away the all the salad in the evening as the lettuces became soft and limp. The eclairs were gone by the end of the day. I had the last piece. Only a small bowl leftover from the fruit cocktails which was good. I think the guests preferred Chinese style dishes which my MIL made. But we had so much food leftover as some guests didn't turn up last minute.


Vien said...

Wow! So much food. I would be too lazy to prepare stuff..hehe

jazzmint said...

aiks..i think i would have liked the lil smokies...slurpp

wHOisBaBy said...

vien: just this four, MIL prepared like 4-6 more dishes. will post pictures later.

jazzmint: i like it too, but the weather here is cold (though is nice today), the lil smokies is better when they were just out from the oven. they were cold when they started eating. also mainly chinese they are they like MAIN FOOD, these only like finger food for the kids and only 2 kids + 1 baby came, originally invited 5 kids.

G said...

Hmm if I were there, I would invite myself to the party and help u sapu all the leftovers *LOL*

wHOisBaBy said...

grace: next year i invite you ah, you better come and help us finish the leftovers. hehehe