Mar 4, 2007

Here and gone

So fast, too fast. Was preparing for this party since a month ago. And now, it has ended. How do I feel? Nothing much. Tired? Not really as I am still typing posts - my 5th one today. Crazy, I got all these adrenaline in me I guess, I didn't have any sodas ... OOoh ... must be the "sweet" cake. Do they put caffeine in cake now? j/k

I don't know how to say it. Everything went by too quickly. One month ago we were preparing for his birthday and then now is over. Hmm ... now it makes me wonder if we ever had the party. But we so many pictures to document that happened. Just I don't feel like that was a party. I think I miss "my side" of the family. I would enjoy more of it if someone from my side attended. I wished Ethan and his family were here. Then we could celebrate two birthdays in one. It would create a major BLAST and FUN time for all!!!

Going to my dreamland now. BYE everyone. Good nite. Enjoy reading the rest of the other posts for today.


Timothy's Mummy said...

My first time here. Really enjoy really ALL ur blog. (started from the 1st one) Makes me think of the experiences I hv gone through w my son. All the best!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Who's that covered under the pillow??? Definitely not a baby anymore! He's officially a 'toddler' now.

JoAnn yee yee...too lazy to sign in

vien said...

Hahaha..what a cute sleeping pose.

wHOisBaBy said...

timothy's mummy: thanks for visiting my blog. glad you enjoy reading it.

JoAnn yeeyee: your ethan also toddler already. not just brandon alone. hehehe

vien: yea, caught him sleeping like that so i took a picture to post.