Feb 4, 2007

Brandon's Birthday in One Month

Updated 2/5/06 with pictures, see below.

My my ... only less than 4 weeks to my son's first birthday. That is too fast. I am busy now planning what to do on his birthday, who to invite and what to serve. Beside that, I am also busy with one new client of mine in real estate. That'll be another story in another post. Due to these reasons, my blog has been lagging in updates lately.

We already decided a theme for my boyboy's birthday. It will be Pooh and Friends. We already got some decorations, paper plates and cups, napkins, table liner, favor bags, a center piece and some blow outs as favors for kids - all Pooh's design. Only little people (kids) joining us will be given these plates and cups. Adult will be using the regular 'plain white' paper plates and cups. I will update this post with the pictures of these items later.

Today we out to buy some gifts to give the kids as favors. All Pooh themed even some mashmallows with chocolate that comes with Pooh plastic wrap. If all the relative's little people will be joining us, there will only be 6 children.

I don't think we can handle a big crowd as the interior of my house is too small for big gathering unless is summer when we can use the backyard. But we are now still in winter and early spring whereby it will be also the rainiy season. Hopefully, cross fingers, it will be a nice warm day on March the 3rd. Then we may be able to use the backyard minus the pool as the water will still be too cold.

This party will be just my hubby's relatives, which is close to 35 people (kids included) if all coming. I may invite one or two of my friends. My Hubby's relatives are very yim chim (picky) on food. That's why we have not finalized on to our food list. We probably buy or order majority of them as I don't really have time to prepare for such a big crowd. May be I can do the salad - the easiest.

Besides all these headaches, I've also grew extra white hairs with designing my digital scrapbooks. I think too hard while creating the scrapbooks. This layout not right, that font not nice ... change change change ... two hours later ... still not done. What to do? I am a perfectionist. But this will be my priority as I need to get them done soonest. I will post them here once I get all done.

Time is going by too fast for me. Wish there is more than 24 hours in one day. It was just eleven pm just now when I started to read blogs (was able to leave some comments this time) and now already 12am. Gotta go to zzzzland now.

Pictures added:
Pooh's party supplies

Pooh's themed favors (plus two hardboard books for infant guests)


Angeleyes said...

Wah time really flies! Looking forward to see Brandon's b'day pics!

eiko-chan aka ageha said...

Yeah, time REALLY FLIES! Little Brandon is almost a year old adee XD!~ I wonder what Little Ethan is going to do?
I want to come XD!~
*goes to Malaysia Airlines website*
Its possible to fly to LA then Adelaide in a day right =P? Hehe, DREAM ON!

Am@n3 said...

Hi there! i'm jojo's friend!
I shall stuff jojo into my luggage and give her to you as a prezzie!
**pooh freak talking here.** oops!

G - Mom to a Bee said...

U're beezee alright! look fwd to seeing ur LOs and updates on ur boy-boy's 1st bday! how exciting yet how buzy buzy buzy!!

Sasha said...

wow..i'm wondering whether i'll have the same headache as u when Jayden's bday comes in another more months time..

wHOisBaBy said...

angeleyes: yalor, time flies like rockets. too fast to catch up.

eiko: come lar come lar ... join us for the party.

am@n3: thanks for dropping by. my boy likes pooh too. next time i blog about his pooh's toys lar.

grace: in another glimpse, it will be your little bee's turn for her big number one. too fast ... just too fast.

sasha: oh yea, jayden birthday also in march huh? very fast only lar. cham cham ngan (blink blink eyes) then it will be here.

Vien said...

Eh, if the relatives are so yim chim on the food..have them bring a dish..like pot luck. Kill 2 birds with a stone: no ngee ngee ngam ngam from them and you don't have to cook! :P

just a mummy said...

Oh how exciting! That's a great theme. Love all the party stuff you got. My daughter loves Piglet!

wHOisBaBy said...

vien: there is no potluck in mil's dictionary. her idea party is not to have people to bring the food because then why we wanted to invite them over to eat. but mainly because she likes to show off her cooking skill to her relatives. she's a good cook. anyway, she'll be helping to prepare some items for the party. my initial list was almost 90% order from outside, now she 'helped' me changed half of it because she said buy outside not nice one. always saying this so easy that so easy. so i told her she'll help me, she said OK.

just a mummy: theme also took us a while to come up with. didn't know that over here party must have theme.